Rise and shine, sleepy head


Some people are greeted with nuzzling kisses as they wake from sleep. Or a cup of tea if a bed partner is an early riser. Or perhaps a sleepy/energetic/frightened child climbing in beside them. Or an alarm clock that keeps the day in regular order.  Perhaps even noisy country chickens, lets the neighbourhood know the day has begun.

But I, I am confronted  by this mouth and this creature…..

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pawing at my legs, yawning and barking at me, telling me I’ve been away sleeping for forever!

He bursts through the front door each day and searches my room for me. His expression reminds me of children on an Easter egg hunt. And even though we go through this every day, he makes each morning  feel unique and special.

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2 thoughts on “Rise and shine, sleepy head

  1. And you wouldn’t change it for the world !!.. We have Benny here in Slovakia, a wonderful hound, yet he is a yard dog, and is NEVER allowed in the house. It’s very Slovakian to have dogs as guard dogs, fenced inside the property, but never allowed in the house, even in the tough winters ….

    Shame, but I can’t have Benny inside now … can I ??

  2. Can’t you??

    I wish you could as he looks like a charming dog, and so handsome. My dog is supremely spoilt and you’re right, we wouldn’t have it any other way, though he has succeeded where all previous pets have failed. We use have more outside-type dogs, but Taj is so stubborn, and so much fun. He trails around with me everywhere and is the best company.

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