Sia: Soon we’ll be found


Last night I was watching a bit of Rage* and I caught a song that I really liked, and the film clip was cool too. If you’re a user of the American iTunes you may be familiar with it already, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard of this song or singer before, which seems a shame as she is Australian.

I really wanted to post the official clip for this song, as it is clever, and pretty. There are hand-puppet shadow stories and sign language and a creative use of vibrant colour. I couldn’t embed that clip, but this performance from David Letterman is no disappointment. A very smooth performance. I really enjoyed it. And pretty sign language is there too.

Oh! And if you’re keen on this singer, Sia has a catchy song called Buttons on Youtube, and it shows the quirky side to the Australian sense of humour. The way she looks in the chorus, reminds me so much of the witch in the famous Japanese film Rashomon. That chorus, is such a good look.

*a famous and long running alternative music television show

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4 thoughts on “Sia: Soon we’ll be found

  1. That was quite lovely – and I very much like her idea of incorporating sign language into her act! It’s pretty and interesting, and must be wonderful for those who don’t hear well! Good for her! She seems sweet, too!

  2. @Alan The clips of her gigs on Youtube do look like fun, and I easily believe it would have been brilliant. Wish I’d been there.

    I looked at her up-coming gigs and she’ll be in my region but not my neighbourhood, which is a shame. Would love to see her, and I feel so silly as I do know her “Breathe Me” song, but didn’t put two and two together yesterday.

    Wish I could nick some good stuff from your ipod. :) Thanks for the comment.

    @ Patty Lovely to see you again, I hope you’re well. Yes, isn’t the sign language enchanting. And I too, will look out for more of Sia’s work, thanks for listening.

    @Jay She does seem sweet, (I thought that too) which is refreshing, don’t you think? I’ve been looking up a few words in sign language today, as the song is on ‘repeat’ in my mind. Thanks for commenting. Hugs.

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